A Welcome Addition – Anne Gibson

As you may be aware Moore House Care & Education has for the last few years been developing its services to enable them to more effectively meet the needs of young people who have experienced attachment deficits and chronic childhood trauma.


As part of this process we have been focusing on making our education provision more attachment aware, ensuring that our teaching and support staff have a good understanding of the impact that poor attachments and childhood trauma has on our young people’s capacity to positively engage in learning.


We recognised that providing a mini mainstream school for young people who found mainstream education difficult, was perhaps not the best way to meet all young people’s needs. We therefore placed the young people’s individual needs and interests and their learning readiness at the center of our planning, introducing individualised timetables to reflect this.


We emphasised the central importance of relationships and created learning environments and experiences that are conducive to the development of significant relationships between adults and young people and which fully capitalise on these.


We took full advantage of the opportunities offered by the curriculum for excellence, working closely with Keir Bloomer to develop our education service in order to provide more bespoke and engaging learning experiences. So far the changes have proved very successful and we are seeing positive outcomes for young people including in some cases a return to mainstream education.


We have continued to work closely with other organisations including Education Scotland to develop new systems and tools for supporting residential staff and teachers to support learning and capture the learning opportunities young people have.


We are delighted to be able to inform you that we have now secured the services of Anne Gibson, former inspector with Education Scotland, to assist us in continuing to develop our provision. Anne will be working with us two days a week as an educational consultant to enable us to improve and more effectively meet the educational needs of our young people as we continue on our journey towards excellence.


Anne brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and relationships, not to mention her infectious enthusiasm, which we are certain will contribute significantly to our existing highly dedicated team.

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