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Moore House Care & Education

The Dynamic Partnership provides a new and exciting ‘continuum of services’ to meet the changing needs of young people who are looked after and accommodated throughout Scotland.


Three forward-thinking organisations in the field of child care and education come together to make up this partnership – Moore House Care & Education, JMT Care Services and The Jane Moore Trust, each with an important part to play in providing what young people need, when they need it.


Moore House Care & Education offers a range of residential child care and education services for young people of secondary school age who have additional support needs because of the social, emotional and behavioural challenges they face.


These services are, as follows:

  • Residential Service
  • Close Support Service
  • Intensive Support Service
  • Intensive Support – Emergency and Crisis
  • Day Education (with or without foster care)
  • Throughcare and Aftercare Service (16+)

JMT Care Services is a voluntary organisation which offers a range of services for children and young people.

These services are, as follows:

  • JMT Fostering
  • JMT Young Adult Placement
  • JMT Balance
  • JMT In-Touch
  • JMT Therapeutic Services

More information can be found at:

The Jane Moore Trust is a charitable organisation that provides social housing for young people who have been looked after and accommodated.


With a range of houses and flats within the central belt of Scotland, this organisation offers long-term rented accommodation on a lease basis. It is hoped that the housing stock will be increased to include other areas in Scotland as the organisation develops further.


More information can be found at:


Moore House Care and Education

Moore House Care & Education is a dynamic organisation established in 1988 to work with young people. Working in partnership with young people, parents/carers, and professional colleagues, we develop bespoke packages and work together to meet individual young people’s needs. Through relationships, we offer young people opportunities to enjoy success and develop into young adults with positive futures. Young people live, grow and learn by developing healthy positive attachment with caring, resilient, trusted staff. To reflect our approach, our staff are trained in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy/Practice (DDP).

Moore House Care and Education

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Moore House Care & Education was established in 1988 to work with young people who have experienced real challenges in life and has continued to develop to meet the changing needs of young people.


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