Founder and Managing Director


Mrs Sheridan established Moore House School in 1988 as a consequence of her experience as a Social Worker placing young people in a number of residential education services throughout Scotland.


She found that there was a wide variance between services, some excellent and some concerningly poor.  From this experience, Mrs Sheridan was driven to create her own service with her personal mantras “Determined to Deliver Excellence” and “I’m Possible” for young people.


Mrs Sheridan continues to have a hands-on approach using a range of experiences and techniques to engage with young people to elicit their views on the service they are receiving.  She wishes to ensure that young people are safe, happy, and reaching their potential, and that families are encouraged to be active partners in the care and education of our young people.


Her passion is for young people to be supported by adults who believe in their potential and adults who share the organisational values of respect, integrity and dignity for all.  She expects all staff to take responsibility for being capable, competent professionals, contributing positively towards the progress of our young people.


Mrs Sheridan reminds us that we are responsible for creating memories for our young people and she strives to ensure that our young people experience as many creative, happy, nurturing memories as possible.


Mrs Sheridan has had an interesting career spanning over half a century.  She started on her professional journey as a Residential Care Worker in Donaldsons School for the Deaf in Edinburgh.  She would say that’s where she learned her craft and where she was engaged to believe in the potential of children and young people, and where safe, loving, dignified care was at the core of the work that took place in Donaldsons.


In terms of her career journey, Mrs Sheridan has gathered a range of qualifications.  She was an RGN, an RMN Registered Nurse, a qualified Social Worker and at a later point, an MA in Education and an MSc in Forensic Psychology.


Mrs Sheridan continues to strive for excellence and ensures that her passion for high quality services is cascaded throughout the organisation to encourage each and every team member to recognise the important part they play in the wellbeing and progress that our young people experience.


She acknowledges the importance of “team” and thrives on the opportunity to contribute positively to the work of our team to ensure that our young people experience love, acceptance and belief, that they can be anything they set their minds to be.



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Moore House Care & Education was established in 1988 to work with young people who have experienced real challenges in life and has continued to develop to meet the changing needs of young people.


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