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This Scottish Government initiative is based on enabling young people to achieve four main capacities through engagement in a wide range of learning opportunities.

The four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence enable young people to become:

  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Effective Contributors
  • Responsible Citizens

Moore House Care and Education has adopted Curriculum for Excellence. The key principles underpin all that is planned for young people, within the school setting and beyond.

The 24 hour curriculum ensures that learning takes place in the wide range of situations and activities that young people experience during a typical day.

Our initial assessments help us to identify young people’s strengths, interests and barriers to learning, which allow us to create personalised pathways and timetables.

We work in partnership with local schools to maintain young people within mainstream education, whenever possible.


Moore House Care and Education

Moore House Care & Education is a dynamic organisation established in 1988 to work with young people. Working in partnership with young people, parents/carers, and professional colleagues, we develop bespoke packages and work together to meet individual young people’s needs. Through relationships, we offer young people opportunities to enjoy success and develop into young adults with positive futures. Young people live, grow and learn by developing healthy positive attachment with caring, resilient, trusted staff. To reflect our approach, our staff are trained in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy/Practice (DDP).

Moore House Care and Education

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About Us

Moore House Care & Education was established in 1988 to work with young people who have experienced real challenges in life and has continued to develop to meet the changing needs of young people.


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