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Our sister organisation, JMT Fostering, offers a range of fostering placements – respite, short-term and permanent – for children and young people who may benefit from being care for in a family environment.


Young people accommodated within Moore House with no family/carer support can be referred to JMT Fostering for a respite foster place should this be considered appropriate. Such respite placements can lead to full-time placements as part of the exit planning for young people.

Young people from Moore House are given priority by JMT Fostering for respite and permanent placements.


In addition, JMT Fostering and Moore House jointly offer JMT Balance, which provides a foster care placement alongside a day education placement at Moore House for young people who have challenges with engaging in education. More information about this service can be found under The Dynamic Partnership.


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Moore House Care & Education was established in 1988 to work with young people who have experienced real challenges in life and has continued to develop to meet the changing needs of young people.


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