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My Experience of Moore House- from a Social Worker

Rory asked me a few weeks after beginning his placement with Moore House Care and Education how had social work managed to find him this particular placement. Rory had been in 2 other placements prior to arriving at Moore House.


I explained social work in the Scottish Borders had no recent experience of this placement provider – it was simply available at the time we needed a new placement for him. I also explained to Rory that I thought he was ‘covered in jam’ – meaning he was very ‘jammy’ to have been given this particular placement with Moore House. For several reasons…..


It was immediately obvious to me that Moore House staff work focus on building and developing healthy relationships with the young people they support. Rory obviously tested boundaries at times and he would chance his arm and make unwise choices in the first few months of being with Moore House. Rory was very close to being moved into a secure care placement at one point.


However, gradually he learned that the key supportive relationships available to him at Moore House were genuine.


Over time, Rory learned to accept and at times seek support from staff about any practical and also any personal issues he was experiencing. Rory began to value the relationships he had with members of staff and also the developing and improving relationship he had with his parents.


With consistent clear messages given to Rory about the consequences of his past and present actions, taking responsibility, developing trust and confidence in self and in others – Rory began to accept and believe that he could achieve the things he wanted to achieve in his life.


Similar to many young people in care settings Rory really wanted to go home. When he was determined that he would do everything expected of him to achieve this goal he soon began to demonstrate that he was maturing and he was able to manage himself appropriately in many different settings. Rory stopped messing about, respected staff direction, engaged with his education and very soon he was able to return home.


Education in particular was something he really began to value at Moore House. Initially, Rory had to work hard to move from being schooled within his placement address to being educated within the main campus.


Education became very important to Rory whilst at Moore House. This has continued with Rory successfully moving back to mainstream high school where he has quietly been re-establishing himself as a mature young adult who has changed and who is now a lot older and wiser.


In my view, Rory has been helped by Moore House to become fully conscious that he is ultimately responsible for the choices he makes in his life.


The consistent and positive messages that Rory has received from all of Moore House staff have helped him realise this.


As a simile – Moore House has been like a boat that Rory has had to learn how to use in order to cross some stormy water in his life.


Now that Rory has come through his personal storms and reached the other side, he no longer has any need for the Moore House boat.


As his social worker, I am thankful for the boat Moore House provided him with when they did.


However, I am more thankful that he has been able to leave it behind him.


Rory is no longer a success story waiting to happen. With the support provided to him at Moore House, Rory has become his very own success story.


It is now up to him to use his Moore House experience to keep making good choices…in all areas of his life… and to keep writing his own success story.

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